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Making your Personally Handmade Trophy For Your Company’s Competition

It is given that work is work and fun is fun, but who says you cannot bring fun to work when that is what can motivate your employees?

It also creates a form of camaraderie between employees, supervisors, and heads of the company to instill business relation that in turn will give a positive productivity output for everyone. This is why some companies will ensure that they have extracurricular activities like sports fest, team outing, inter-team or inter-department competition, and many more as they are aware the great benefit that this can give to the employees.

It will add more to the fun of the competitions if there are awards to be given or perhaps token s for winning, even with the likes of a trophy. Indeed, it is easy to just go to a store and purchase this item to save you the fuss, however, there are people that love a touch of art and authenticity of any item.

Therefore, creating your own company trophy will make a more lasting experience and memory of the event as it is something that would mean more to the recipient when it is made in a more personal manner. And since it is going to be a company trophy, you will not forget to make your logo visible to each DIY trophy, you can have it printed and styled in any material that can be adhesive to the trophy you will be making.

There are many ways of making a trophy however you like it using the resources or materials that can easily be acquired or learn from online DIY’s as your guide to make your handicraft more efficient and accurate.

Some of the materials that you can readily use among the many you can choose from are kitchenware, candlesticks, disposable cups and plates, wooden objects, and plastic bottles. With these materials, and many other more that you can even think of, go wild with your imagination and create your own company labelled trophy.

Be artistic, expressive, unique, and you can even get info from your friends as to what other ideas they can contribute to make the art complete.

You should be set already here, however, if you still need further logo and image enhancement to add more touch to your DIY trophy. Find a good logo and image makers online, and see what else can you incorporate to your already unique design.

Making a DIY trophy for your company is something that pretty sure many would appreciate that you have gone through an extra personal effort to show your employees that they are worth your time too.