Being Receptive to Numeric Messages From Benevolent Otherworldly Sources

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When people are frequently seeing the same numbers in sequence again and again for no apparent reason, they may realize it’s a message from angels or other beneficial universal forces. They may be interested in reading more about this topic and learning about what numerology has to say about those specific numbers. Some number sequences are believed to help people understand when they are on the right track or when it’s time for a positive change.

Number Sequences

Sometimes people see their birth date several times a day. In other cases, it’s a sequence of repeating numbers like 222 or 777 on digital clocks, mailboxes or license plates. Numerology can shed light on what all of these specific numbers mean, but it doesn’t explain how or why the sequences appear so often and seemingly at random. That’s where the concept of angel messages makes sense. It’s a way that these benevolent beings can attract a person’s attention.

The Meanings of the Numbers

Deciphering the meaning of the numbers is unlikely to work like fortune telling, but it might be thought of more as a Tarot card of sorts. The laying out of Tarot cards requires knowledgeable interpretation, even though a message may seem straightforward. For instance, in numerology, the number 2 is about relationships. Seeing 222 frequently may be calling attention to the person’s relationships, but this individual must consider how to proceed.

A Bit of Forecasting

Sometimes there is a bit of forecasting through universal forces. The person may see this sequence several times over a few days and then learn that a friend’s parent has passed away unexpectedly. The sequence was not foretelling the specific event, but rather letting the person know that someone close would be needing an abundance of loving, compassionate attention quite soon.

The sequence definitely does not have to be indicating a sad experience. In contrast, 222 may signal the opportunity to meet a soulmate within the next several days. There might be a chance encounter with a buddy from college days and, now, the revitalization of a long-lost friendship. The message helps the person get ready for whatever is about to occur.