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Tips for Selecting the Right Life Coaching Certification Program

Back then, life coaches were anyone who had that “gift” of giving advice and connecting with troubled souls, but this is no longer true today – they are highly qualified full-time professionals who work in certain areas of specialization. To put it simply, being a successful life coach these days is beyond being a good adviser: you have to be certified!

Below are pointers that will help you choose a good life coaching certification program:

Do some homework.

Earning your life coaching certification is like earning your college degree – it’s the best way to be an expert at what you do. And just as getting that degree will cost you some money, so will getting your coaching certification, so be wise in selecting a program. Be ready with about $5000 to $1000, depending on how extensive the course you choose will be. Considering your potential earnings of $100,000+ as a professional life coach, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Choose a legit program.

When looking for a coaching program that is best for your needs, consider only those which are ICF (International Coach Federation)-accredited. For more than a decade, the ICF has developed strict standards that all schools are required to follow before they can receive their prestigious accreditation. ICF accreditation is fast becoming the gold standard when it comes to life coach certification programs.

Take your lifestyle into account.

Life coaching programs that have ICF accreditation are known as Accredited Coach Training Programs (ACTPs), and they are being offered in countless places around the globe. All ACTPs must satisfy all standards established by the ICF, but their methods of delivery and areas of focus can differ significantly among the programs. Some may offer the convenience of online training, while others may provide a traditional, face-to-face learning environment.

In any case, like most entrepreneurial projects, you should consider specializing. Who wants to speak to a generalist? We all want someone who can connect with us on a very specific level. Choose a particular area that you’re most passionate about, whether it’s advising seniors who are feeling hopeless about life or young professionals who need help shaping their careers.

Before you start looking for the life coach certification program that fits you best, spend time trying to understand what this profession is and what it’s not. Study the programs available to you, and most importantly, know what you want from this career path. As we have mentioned, becoming a certified life coach will not come for free. Before signing up for any program, be sure this is actually what you want.

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