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Tried and Tested Ideas to Motivate Your Employees and Have them Working Extra Hard

Recent research done indicates over seventy percent of the working class in America is not motivated as they ought to be in their workplaces. It needs no mentioning a de-motivated workforce translates to billions of dollars lost each year due to low productivity. It, therefore, needs no mentioning that for you to avoid incurring losses as a result of poor productivity, you ought to do something. It could be as simple as ensuring there are rewards mechanisms in place to appreciate the hard work that your employees put forth. Continue reading to find more info. on measures you can put in place to motivate and encourage your employees.

Open up access to top-level management by organizing special lunches to allow for interaction between employees and the senior executives. No doubt it may not be practical if you were to hold luncheons for all employees every month. However, you can have the lunch planned on the periodic basis only for those employees that have performed exemplary within that past one month. What this means is that all employees will be working extra hard to ensure their efforts pay off to qualify for the next free lunch with the management.

Take the time to search or employees that have performed above and beyond their job description. Once you identify them, your next step would be to take the time to create a thank you note that appreciates their efforts. It is true there are so many ways you can get in touch with people and pass a message across these days. This communicates to the employees that the management of this company they have worked so hard for appreciates and notices the little things that they do.

The third tried and tested way to keep a motivated workforce is to hand out a pair of tickets to their favorite movie. We all can do with a break, albeit temporarily, to get to unwind and relax, right? Sadly, as much as many would want to be going to the movies on a regular basis, very few can afford the luxury of catching a movie, and even afford the time to do so should an opportunity present itself. You don’t have just to hand your employees movie tickets to show your appreciation. How about you also allow them to leave a few hours before normal schedule so that they can prepare for their movie date? No doubt an occasional one or two hours to a busy and crazy schedule can make all the difference in someone’s life. You can learn more ways on the internet, so be sure to find a reliable website that has good info. on employee motivation and retention.